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The Scent of A Rose

The Scent of A Rose
Author Kimberly Duboise

The scent of a rose encompasses much-
morning rain and moonlit dew
mixed with the spice of earth,
leaving behind the breath of
something like the ocean
tickling your nose.
I like the scent of a rose
each one smells different
yet the possess the same
wistful and mysterious aroma
only known by the name
Oh, yes, give me a rose
to perfume and alter
the atmosphere!
I should be so bold-
as bold as a rose
one day.

Kimberly Duboise
Kimberly Duboise

poetry blog http://tinypoet86.blogspot.com/

website http://www.kimberlyduboise.com

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  1. Sindile Sindile

    Good evening , im so excited to read your poems, I’ve just recently realised I write at end of day BT obviously no training. I would love to share my inexperienced poetry.

    • stevent37 stevent37

      Please use the Author submit link at the top of the page

  2. Raj Raj

    Beautiful description of the Rose scents by the poet. Rose, being the flower of love brought a different meaning to this poetry for me. Keep writing such warm poems

  3. Daniel Lucas Daniel Lucas

    Kimberly really makes me remember those good old days when my friend would regularly bring a rose flower to me at the office. I love your creativity, Kimberly Duboise.

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