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The Poetry of Bill Beverly

Bill Beverly, Jr. was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. His spiritual poetry reflects the presence of God that he has felt throughout his life.

Where Seldom Is Heard

Psalm 69:1-3

I cry within myself, a cry I won’t let out.
My fears rise all around me, I’m drowning in my doubt.

I’ve spent my whole life striving, wasting too much time,
Trying to keep on schedule, have everything in line.

I am so cold and lonely; I’m out here, lost at sea.
I let my cries ring out now, “Will no one rescue me?”

I have no radio handy to call in my position,
No lifeguard at his tower to lead a rescue mission.

I found no rubber raft to bring me safely home.
I have no friends to call, no minutes on my phone.

There is no magic carpet, or horse with wings to fly,
I have no pennies left, my wishing well runs dry.

I’ve nothing left to live for; I’m left out in the cold.
There is no Emerald City, no roads all paved with gold.

I feel life slip away, out of my cold wet hands.
There’s no one in my corner, no crowds of cheering fans.

No one has come to save me; my cries were seldom heard,
No one to give advice or share a soothing word.

I try my best to swim and get to higher ground.
I have no strength left in me, alas–I die, I drown.

My story’s not yet over, I still have more to tell,
Of how God came to save me from the pits of hell.

© Bill Beverly, Jr. January 2003


Journey to the Heart of Man

Proverbs 12:25

“Help, my broken heart needs mending!”
Is my restless mind’s monologue
My troubled thoughts bouncing about
This overflowing catalog

I shout within this darkened cave
The emptiness echoing back
This battered heart just searches on
For the hope and love it lacks

Through the night my troubles tarry
But by morning I feel fine
I carry on and journey further
To claim what is rightfully mine

To find a love so strong and deep
My weary heart has been revived
In my savior’s arms I thrive
By the blood of Christ, I am alive

Born in mercy, my heart now clean
A brand new day and a fresh start
Flowing streams of comfort and joy
My lover’s songs, all fears depart

God lives outside of time and space
And dwells in the realms of eternity
Blank pages of my life are filled
By the Word of God and reality

Within my book is written hope
Page by page my faith grows stronger
Every word is breathing life
My heart is troubled no longer

© Bill Beverly, Jr. July 21, 2015


Redemption on the Horizon

And for this reason He is the Mediator of the new covenant, by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions under the first covenant, that those who are called may receive the promise of the eternal inheritance.

Hebrews 9:15

In this life there will be storms
But you have kept me from all harm.
On the road less traveled and uncharted seas,
I hold on to a new life that waits for me.
In my darkness shines your light.
As I surrender to love, my soul takes flight.
In the distance joy on the horizon wide
Peace rolls to kiss the shore with tide
Your mercy and grace has set me free
And your redemptive songs echo through eternity.

© Bill Beverly, Jr. November 2, 2016


In the Shadow of His Wings

Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of Your wings

Psalm 17:8

Almighty God, my father and salvation
In the shadow of His wings, I have peace
The power of the Most High covers me
In the shadow of His wings are songs in the night

I trust in His strength, my shield, my deliverer
In the shadow of His wings is my shelter
The LORD is my rock and deliverer
In the shadow of His wings, I have refuge

My stronghold, my fortress and guiding light
In the shadow of His wings, I sing and rejoice
His mercy and grace preserve me always
In the shadow of His wings, I shall abide

© Bill Beverly, Jr. February 19, 2018



Create in me a clean heart, O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Psalm 51:10

At every stage, there must be change
From birth to rebirth, as time moves on
My past, my present, my future
Created then recreated, as time moves on

My heart, my mind, my spirit renewed
This vessel, my body changes day by day
This invention reinvented, once then again
By the Word and Spirit day by day

I stand resolute yet contrite
In the shadow of Jehovah
Made in HIS image yet remade daily
In Christ I live, in Christ I die


Reborn, Renewed, Recreated,
Reinvented, Remade…REVIVED

© Bill Beverly, Jr. January 4, 2018


Compositions: My New Songs


This new song that I have without rhyme
But with much reason I sing
To God my father I praise
Morning and evening, I sing
This song of thanksgiving composed
In my heart overflowed
With joy and love I sing
My compositions, new songs
Visions and dreams alive again
I am revived spirit, soul, body
This song, will ring.
I sing

© Bill Beverly, Jr. June 12, 2017


The Pen of a Ready Writer

“My heart is overflowing with a good theme;
I recite my composition concerning the King;
my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”

Psalm 45:1

The author reaches for His tool
The quill and ink that begets life
The tip connects with the parchment
And the tale begins

By the power of His word
I live and breathe, I am
The Almighty Creator
Pens His composition

Filled with heroes and villains
My life’s journey is His work of art
The pages of the book are never empty
And His inkwell never dries

The conclusion of my voyage draws nigh
The closed manuscript sets on His desk
The work of my Playwright
Our story, a divine masterpiece

© Bill Beverly, Jr. June 16, 2016




About the Author

Bill Beverly, Jr. was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Throughout his youth, Bill has always felt God’s presence. At the age of 16, Bill dedicated his life to the Lord at Victory Fellowship Church. At that time, Victory was experiencing revival and Bill embraced the freedom of the Holy Spirit and became a member of the church. God placed in Bill’s heart the desire to read and study the Bible and to pray. Above all, God has given Bill the heart of a worshiper.

In high school, one of Bill’s English teachers, Ms. Barbara Murray, discovered his gift of writing. Ms. Murray inspired Bill to become both a teacher and a writer. Bill felt the calling to be a writer. Poetry was the first way God chose to minister to Bill. Bill has written many poems inspired by the Spirit God. Bill believes that this poetry is a very intimate and a vital part of his relationship with the Lord.

Bill Beverly, Jr. is a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana with a BA in English, and of Tulane University with a Master of Liberal Arts.

Throughout the many trials in life, Bill believes one thing, to be constant always:

“God is still God and He sits on the throne on high. Jesus is my rock and shelter from all storms and the Holy Spirit is my comforter. Praise the Lord!” ~Bill Beverly, Jr.

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