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The Greatest Post Ever Shared

Virginia School educator Meredith Doane presents a story of a Christian boy using technology to try to spread the true meaning of Christmas.

The Greatest Post Ever Shared

It was a crisp December morning when Jack took off down the stairs. He flew quickly down each step, almost missing the bottom two. Jack knew that today was a special day and that he needed to make the most of it.

As he rounded the final banister- he let go of the knotty pine stair rail and stopped dead in his tracks. He thought long and hard for what seemed like hours. Suddenly, he heard the sound of the bus stopping in front of his house. Jack pulled on his coat without zipping it and tossed a cap on his head. No time to grab breakfast or see where his trusty companion Holly was. Jack ran to the edge of the driveway and boarded the old yellow bus that would take him to school.

He really did not mind the ride, because it gave him time to play on his phone and wake up more before he got to school. This morning the bus ride was chilly and busy with kids yelling, the driver fussing about the noise, and Jack had only one thing on his mind. Check to see if anyone had responded to his post. Jack’s mom had not been a big fan of him having a cell phone at his age. She did not think that children should have the things, as she sure did not back in her day. However, since Jack’s dad had passed away, and it was just the two of them, their faithful dog Holly, and his Aunt June – mom saw to it that he had one.

Aunt June had told his mom over and over how important it was for Jack to be able to call her, or his mom in the case of an emergency. This was especially important since Jack had to catch the bus back home from school each afternoon and walk into a mostly empty house. It was mostly empty because as soon as the old yellow #9 pulled to the mailbox, Holly sprang into action and faithfully greeted Jack at the door.

The bus rumbled on down the road about a quarter of a mile from his house. Jack logged into his account and quickly scanned his page. Jack had always been at a loss for words and kind of awkward; but he could say all he needed to on his social media page. Jack was careful though not to let his mom know he had such a page. Not only was his phone for emergency purposes only- but he was boldly told not to be part of any of that social stuff that kids are into now-a-days. Jack’s mom was quite vocal about that and reminded him often. Still- Jack had so much to say. He had to say it somehow, and being one of little words…this was the best way for him to say what was on his mind.

There it is! My own social media page. I just changed my profile picture yesterday to a new picture of Holly outside in the yard. Several people had liked it and this made him smile as he slumped down in his seat. Luckily, no one had sat down beside him this morning, but the ride home would be a different story- he was sure.

What? Are you kidding me? Jack ran those words over and over hastily in his head. He could not believe that not one single person had responded to his post. Not one person. The idea hit him hard this morning and gave him more of a headache than the frigid air swarming the bus.

Jack had so much to say. He had so many things to share, and the world desperately needed to hear them! Jack immediately began to post something new for today. He did not have but about- a half mile until they would pull up to the bus loading zone. So, he took a deep breath and wrote the thoughts that had permeated his mind all morning. It was only 11 more days until Christmas Eve. All Jack had seen since the day after Thanksgiving were too many people running around to stores, stressing over all the holiday parties and plans they had and forgetting how to simply be kind during Christmas time.

Jack could never understand how such an amazing gift given to all had become no more than a circus with parents spending way too much on toys, or people being so grumpy waiting in lines, or fighting to get the one close parking space at the mall. Where was the true joy of the season? Why did he not hear the sounds of laughter and carols being sung as people went about all those holiday events? He knew that he had to share a post and wrap his words up in a giant bow to be hung for all to see. Jack began typing the text that he prayed would be seen, liked, and shared. The message he was about to share would be the greatest post he could ever share. Jack looked out the bus window and words sprang forth from him as clearly as the song of the Turtle Dove. Then, Jack wrote what he needed to say.

Today is no ordinary day, it is the day that anyone can share with others the most miraculous birth every recorded in history. It is not fiction, and cannot be found in any spy books. But, it can be found and read many times in the greatest book ever sold. When I was seven my dad gave me a brand new bible for Christmas. He had taken his time to sew the leather color and inscribe my name on the front cover. On the inside page, Jack wrote how grateful he was to His Heavenly Father for allowing him to have such a father here on Earth. I remember the smell of leather and the velvet ribbon keeping its place where the birth of Jesus had been written. I had words to say, and a post to share- so that people would know that today’s post on my social media page needed to be read.

Jack’s Post for today read:

My friends both whom I know and those I may never know, I want to share with you the very greatest story ever told. It is not just an ordinary story about what I did today, or the game of basketball I played in gym class. Instead, it is one of a lowly baby, loved beyond earth and given to man.

This baby would be born to two average, but faithful people who would become the parents to a true king. This baby was Jesus, and he is the Messaiah. He would be born a man and live upon the earth to preach of his Heavenly Father’s love. That same love that is freely given to each of us- as long as we have childlike faith in God, ask God to forgive our sins and Jesus to be Lord of our hearts.

Yes, this is the greatest post Jack would ever share on social media.

With tears rolling down his cheeks and a fire burning inside his heart, Jack knew that he could not keep this news to himself, so he shared it with all who would hear. Jesus had come to save His people and intervene between them and God our Father.

Just as Jack typed his last letter and added a period-the bus stopped and was at the entrance to school. Jack silently thanked Jesus for living in his heart and allowing him to speak the words that had been permeating his heart for a week. As the other students were unloading the bus- Jack looked up and smiled toward heaven. He hit post, and heard the small ding that meant he had shared something with others. But, it was not just something he shared with frivolous meaning- but a post that would be the greatest post ever shared! The amazing Grace of a babe born to be our King Jesus. The One who would pay the sin debt of every sinner, as long as they believed in him, confessed their sins and worked to do His will each day of their lives…it was not just a post-but the greatest post ever to be shared!

May your Christmas be of such child-like faith in a world of so many distractions- for Christ is Christmas!

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Meredith Doane is a 45 year old public school educator with 23 years teaching experience. She has taught all grades elementary except fourth and fifth. Currently she is the Elementary Gifted Resource Education Teacher for the Washington County Virginia Schools. I have a BA in Interdisciplinary English, a MA.ED in English/Language Arts, and an Ed.s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies: Administration and Supervision. I have a 15 year old son and have been married for 18 years to my husband Sam.

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