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Teddy Finds A Home

Aspiring children’s Author Dinesha De Silva tells us a sweet Christmas yarn about a little teddy bear on a journey to finds its forever home.

Teddy Finds A Home

Many years ago Santa’s workshop elves in the North Pole made a toy bear with soft brown fur, black button eyes and a shining red bow. They called him “Teddy” and wished that he would find a good home.

Christmas after Christmas passed, but Teddy Bear never found a home. The poor bear felt very sad. To cheer himself, he ate far too many cookies and grew very fat indeed.

“Stop eating, greedy bear,” said the elves. “If you are too fat, no child will want you.”

No one will ever want me thought Teddy sadly. Yet he secretly, he hoped that when Christmas came, some child would ask Santa for him. Years passed, and children wrote Santa for many other gifts, but no one asked for Teddy Bear.

Poor Teddy kept taking the lid off the cookie jar and eating biscuits whenever he felt sad. He was a very sad and very fat little bear indeed.

One Christmas Eve, with a cookie in hand, Teddy came up with a plan. He waited till it was almost time for Santa to make his run from the North Pole. The sleigh was ready and loaded with presents, and when no one was looking, Teddy Bear climbed aboard and hid in one of Santa’s sacks. Teddy was determined to find himself a home.

He waited for the sound of “Jingle, Jangle,” which would mean the slay was headed south. Till then Teddy settled comfortably among the toys and fell asleep.
“Jingle Jangle.” The sleigh was off in the frigid air after a dark day when the sun shone too far south to light up Santa’s workshop.

Teddy Bear woke to the sound of jingle bells. In his excitement, he accidentally stepped on some toy soldiers.

“Keep out of our way, Teddy or we’ll shoot you,” came the battle cry of the soldiers. The soldiers, who carried toy swords, pricked holes in his brown skin. Spurts of wool came from the holes the soldiers made. Poor Teddy Bear was leaking!

He tried to paw off the toys above him and climb to the top of the sack. He was so excited! The reindeer were flying really high. Teddy peeked out of his sack and leaned out into the cold night air. But he leaned too far, and he fell out of the sleigh! Down he went and down, and the poor bear fell deep into the snow.

Teddy had no idea where he was. He was frightened. He tried to stand and walk, but wool began to trickle through the holes the soldiers made. It fell to the snow in heaps. The poor bear just lay there in the snow–helpless and unhappy. What could he to do? Without wool, no one would want him.

Tears ran down his cheeks. Then something bit him.“Ow!“ Teddy looked at his bottom. Then he saw the biggest monster he had ever seen with really big teeth and a long tongue. The monster was sniffing him.

“Shoo. monster!” the scared, little bear cried in an attempt to chase the monster away.

“I am a puppy. Not a monster,” said the monster. “I am hungry and you taste terrible for a cookie,” the monster added wagging something that looked like a tail.

“I am not a cookie! I am a teddy bear,” said Teddy. “And I am lost.” A tear rolled down Teddy’s cheek.

“I’m lost too,” said the monster puppy. When Teddy looked closer, he saw that the monster was not really a monster at all. He was just someone who looked different, someone as lost and scared as he was.

Teddy patted the puppy’s nose with his paw. The puppy licked Teddy’s face, and the two became friends.

“If only we could find Santa, he would get you home, puppy,” said Teddy.

“My name is Snowy,” said the puppy. “What is a Santa?”

“Santa is a kind man who delivers presents to children at Christmas. I wanted to be a surprise Christmas gift for a child,” said Teddy sadly.

“There is a small girl in my house. She is my owner,” Snowy said. “You can live with us.”

“HO! HO! HO! Did you make a friend, naughty Teddy?” asked a familiar voice. Teddy blinked and saw Santa Claus, who had come to find him.

“Santa!” yelled teddy joyfully. “Santa!” yelled Snowy happily. If teddy was happy, Snowy was happy too.

“Oh! Santa. I wanted to find a home so badly that I hid out in your sleigh. Now I am lost. The toy soldiers pricked me, and I’m leaking wool. I am so thin. No one will want me now,” howled Teddy.

“Oh! Santa, it’s my first Christmas. I wanted to see the snow. I ran outside, and I can’t find my home!” Snowy whimpered.

“HO.HO. HO. I know where you both belong.” Santa picked up Teddy and Snowy and the three magically appeared before a doorway. Santa rang the doorbell, and an old lady with snowy white hair answered.

“Woof. Woof,” barked Snowy joyfully. The lady laughed and picked up the puppy. “Snowy, how did you get out?” She laughed. When she kissed his nose, she saw Teddy on the porch. “Look at you,” she said. “An old fashioned teddy bear, carrying a note.” Then she read the words Santa had written: “Please find me a home.” Teddy didn’t know he was carrying a note. It was pure Santa magic.

The kind lady sewed Teddy up and took him to her work in a basket. “You will have a good home, Teddy Bear,” she said. Then she kissed him on the nose, wrapped him up and put him in a box.

The last thing teddy saw before the lid closed was snowy chomping on cookies. Teddy didn’t need cookies anymore. He would finally have a home.

Next morning, in the hospital, a little girl named Jill unwrapped him. She squealed in delight.

“A beautiful teddy bear with brown fur black button eyes and a red bow,” she cried. “Just for me. Just what I wanted. I LOVE YOU TEDDY BEAR!” Jill hugged Teddy tightly and kissed him a hundred times. Teddy had found his home!

Christmas yarn


Dinesha De Silva resides in Sri lanka. She an aspiring children’s author. De Silva is a  chartered Accountant ( CPA) in Sri Lanka by profession and writes short stories in her spare time. Teddy finds a home is one of my first Christmas stories. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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