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Sushmita Kalashikar Poem

Author Sushmita Kalashikar makes a case for harmony in her dramatic poetry that takes on how our perceptions of each other are formed.

Life as a child was full of hues,
Of sparkling reds and brightened blues,
‘Coz the distinction of color had not been made,
The foundation of racism had not been laid.

However, things began to change as we grew,
‘Coz Black & White became the only colors we knew,
Makeba was no more the cheerful & witty girl,
Nor Mary the blue-eyed blonde with a curl.

We began to be known as blacks and whites,
Being distinguished by the racism termites,
Into colors that seemed superfluous,
In the face of love & friendship that held us.

Doesn’t pitch black turn into a shade of grey,
When white and black decide to play,
Then why confine ourselves by shades and hues,
Let all colors in the cup of life brew.

Come let’s extract the flavor of love,
Let’s make way for the peace dove,
And create a world of beautiful shades,
Where Makeba & Mary are tied in a common braid.

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