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Poetry By Sheikha A.


Take me to your world
o’ sky, I gaze from earth
the magic you weave,
matting an errant wind lest
it ruffles your hues, laid
out in specific contours
depicting moods to wear,
a map to your secret lair,
o’ night.

Let me tell you, I am not
immune to your mystiques,
sculpting fleeting forms
my eyes affix to in marvel
showing me freedom, stray
holocaust, a sneak peek in
to the world you hold with
in the deep wells of an earth,
o’ night.

Take me apart, but own me
o’ night.


Stygian winter

I try to write a dispassionate verse
revealing only the smoggy selves,
an evanescence honesty of a cloak
hanging on shoulders to safeguard
an unclothed burden, vile cold like
an unsheathed blade pressed down
on a nape – a stalk ready to thresh.

The moon above my head is full
in all its glory, staring at a minion;
hardened is its visage of presumed
malleability on such wintering eves
where vows are recited by a bridge
or on a gondola floating down to
the sound of a softly moaning banjo.

But, the night is not the same for me –
a stygian war looms to cloak me…

Unwritten Sheet

I evade the page, creamed
white like a face of ghoulish
reality teething out of taper
ridges; laving at a blankness
on the banks of a dried river,
blanker than the starch moon.

I evade this page, honest sky
going bare for hasty seconds
in a day, time and again, now
and then; a watcher devoted
to revelations, clarity, truths
betwixt banal persecutions.

But I evade; I am no watcher.
I gaze in banal covetousness.


Sheikha A. obtained an O’ Levels from Ibn Seena English High School in Sharjah, UAE and a degree in Bachelors in Business Administration from Newport University. Sheikha A. started writing out for eFiction India Magazine and is a regular contributor. More of Sheikha A. poem can be found here:

Sheikha A. Blog

SPACED (By Sheikha A.) speaks to a time that hasn’t yet forgotten, or forgiven. Each poem is an echo, a voice leveled in tonality,

  • This poetry collection is full of more examples of her quick intelligence and fresh voice
  • The author is an exciting new player on this old stage.
  • A fascinating collection of philosophical musings.

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  1. Mitchell Mitchell

    Wow! Nice knowing Sheikha is a contributor to eFiction India, those guys are good, and beneath the rainbow is doing a great job of showcasing the best brains in poetry. Kudos to you guys.

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