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Poetry By Karlo Sevilla

At the Cemetery, After the Rain
Overbearing downpour
hushes to drizzle,
leaves the angels
at the gate
in tears.


At Dusk

When sunlight dims and a scattering
of streetlights approximates
the brightness of the recently departed
in vain,

we head for home.

But where are we really destined
when the sunlight perishes
and the streetlamps are stark
and stalk?


Unfortunate Son

In a flight of birds,
I’m the one who gets shot
and plummets.

My brethren scatter in shock.

Soon they’ll regroup
and soar anew.


Minor Miracle

Another hot afternoon,
yet water that sprinkles
down bathroom shower
is delightfully cold.

I’ll indulge in this,
ignorant of the chemistry
or geology
or whatever science
that explains
this seemingly unnatural


Karlo Sevilla


Karlo Sevilla is a freelance writer who lives in Quezon City, Philippines. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Philippines Graphic, Radius, Matter, Outcast Poetry, NatureWriting, Kitaab, an Origami Poems Project microchap, in the respective first anthologies of Peacock Journal, Riverfeet Press, and Eternal Remedy, and elsewhere. He also coaches wrestling, trains in Brazilian Luta Livre, and does volunteer work for the labor group Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (Solidarity of Filipino Workers).

Social media accounts: Twitter: https://twitter.com/KarloSevilla

Blog: karlosevillaofquezoncity.blogspot.com

Link to (micro)chapbook, “You”: https://www.origamipoems.com/poets/281-karlo-sevilla



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  1. Robin Wright Robin Wright

    Loved the imagery in these poems, Karlo. Great job!

  2. Peggy Turnbull Peggy Turnbull

    These linger in my mind, they’re poignant and delicately painful.

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