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Poetry by Karen Horsley

Karen Horsley has published collections of poetry; ‘Kaleidoscopic Beauty’ & ‘I am the Stars in the Sky’. Her poetry is also included in several anthology’s

The Distance Between Us

My arms wrap around
the empty space between us
their strong embrace eager
to bring you closer to me
My eyes cannot see
as daylight is dimmed
and colours are faded
without your incandescent smile.

My chest is empty
as my heart is with you.
A deep chasm of loneliness
remains hollow in its place

My mind floats on clouds
high above your sky
following where you travel
in the place where you are.

Our bodies are separated
by the distance between us
but our hearts and souls
are connected forever.


your words
like knives in my heart
leaving me cut
and bleeding
my body no longer fits
next to yours
no longer am I held
safe in your embrace
feeling the warmth of your bare skin
and your steady beating heart
your fickle heart
that betrayed and destroyed me
your hands once gentle
have tossed me aside
and left me bruised and broken

Where Are You?

My heart is built from bricks of kindness.
In caring words and tender touch I know you’re there.
For now
When life comes crashing down
Emotion overwhelms rational thought
As dark tendrils grasp and pull me under
Into a suffocating miasma of hopelessness.
Alone with the demons that destroy me
A lonely rider on the carousel of fear
When, in the void of silence, my heart weakens…
Where are you?

Collections of poetry

Author bio:

Karen Horsley was born in Somerset and now lives in Cheshire with her husband and their two sons.

She has two published collections of poetry; ‘Kaleidoscopic Beauty’ which is themed on love, loss and the beauty of the natural world & ‘I am the Stars in the Sky’ which focuses on human emotion and is themed by fear, despair, isolation, change, peace and hope.

Her poetry is also included in the anthology Further Within Darkness & Light (nOthing BOOKS 2018) and in Forward Poetry’s Breaking Free (2018) and Across the Page (2019).

Karen also features in Voice of Eve, Issues 1 & 5.


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