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Poetry by Judy Casey


Have you ever
Smelt a rose in the morning air?
Rich scent, pure scent, scent without
Have you ever touched a rose?
Satin petals, softly folded
Kissed with morning dew.
Take my hand and I will show you
The beauty of a rose.

Have you ever
Heard thunderous waves pounding on the shore?
Salt spray, flying spray,
Seagulls crying, wheeling, diving.
Horizons stretching out,
Distant lands beckoning,
Past lands, far lands.
Take my hand and I will show you
New places to explore.

Have you ever
Felt the heartbeat
Of a newborn foal?
Seen its’ trusting eyes
And helped him to his feet.
Take my hand and I will show you
The beauty of a foal.

Have you ever
Heard a skylark’s song?
Rapturous joy in every note.
Soaring high on wings that float
Above the turmoil of the earth.
Take my hand and I will show you
Where the skylarks fly.

Have you ever
Felt a love,
A love without compare
That lifts you up and holds you there
And is for you alone.
Reach for me and show me
That I may know it too.


FAIRY CHILD (Dedicated, with love, to Harriette.)

Fairy Child, Fairy Child
Please stay with me.
Teach me to see blossoms on the trees,
To smell their scent,
Heaven sent.
To watch humming, golden bees.
Busy, always busy
Seeking nectar from the flowers.
Seagulls, wheeling, diving,
White plumage shining
In the sun.

Fairy Child, Fairy Child,
Your rippling laughter,
The clasp of your hand in mine.
Precious, precious memories
Return as shafts of sunlight
Through the darkest clouds.
Memories, as rainbows
Stretching o’er rain-sheened fields.

Fairy Child, Fairy Child,
Flitting, Laughing,
Watching, Loving –
Memories forever.



Sweet scented jasmine
Circles the branch,
Lovers entwine
Lost in each other,
Heedless of time.
Waves caress the beach,
Rippling, swirling, surging,
But jasmine dies,
Lovers part,
Waves recede.
Solitary footprints in the sand,
Washed by the waves
Leave no mark.

Judy Casey
Judy Casey, born in England, has been a longtime resident of Rotorua in New Zealand. She boasts a back-yard aviary, has reared working Border Collies, and trained dogs for agility and flygility competitions. She reared two fine sons and multiple grandchildren with whom she engages in activities such as biking, zip-lining, swimming, tours of museums and studies of culture. Her alone time is spent in swimming, biking, walking her border collie Tui down nature trails and taking courses, including the study of the Maori language. She was a volunteer guide for the local museum before it closed due to earthquake damage.

Judy is an aficionado of literature and has a book of poetry to her credit.



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  1. Russell MacClaren Russell MacClaren

    Judy Casey’s poetry is delightful, warm and lingering in the mind. She speaks with freshness and openness in words that touch the heart and senses.

  2. Meri Cenac Meri Cenac

    Your words are like flowers blowing across my mindful fields; the earth is so enriched by your soil (soul) Judy, and I am left replanting and repotting, saving some for vases. Thank you so very much, friend Much Love, Meri Cenac

    • Judy Casey Judy Casey

      Thank you for your comments Meri, poetry is indeed a release for the soul.

  3. Shirley Harrison Shirley Harrison

    l wow just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Judy Casey Judy Casey

      Thank you Shirley, Your comment is appreciated!

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