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Poetry By Henri André Fourroux III

Don’t Look her in the Mouth

I can almost see inside your mouth

Helen of Troy, but I kiss you instead.

Not on the lips, but my cheeks to your cheeks

in the European, continental way.

Then I send you out on the horse

you rode in on.

I cannot accept any of your gifts, Helen,

but go in peace anyway.

Copyright © 2017 by Henri André Fourroux III

Pet Peeves

He said, “I have a pet peeve!”

I responded, “well, I hope you have it

on a leash and I have a pet peeve:

it is those who walk around

with their pet peeves unchained.

These pet peeves roam the streets and alleys

they run over children and small animals

like drivers texting on cell-phones.

They run like the dogs in the suburbs;

they drive natives off their lands to reservations

then destroy those reservations;

they tie nooses in trees.

So please spay and neuter your pet peeves,

or better yet euthanize them.

For now, tie up that pet peeve,

harness it and muzzle it and leave it outside

Come in and say hello.

Copyright © 2017 by Henri André Fourroux III

No orphans

Her clones scream, “No! You’re

not our mom or queen!” They smash

her throne and test-tubes.

Poetry by Henri André Fourroux III
Henri André Fourroux III











Copyright © 2017 by Henri André Fourroux III








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  1. Russell MacClaren Russell MacClaren

    Interesting, but somewhat strange, way of viewing the world in this collection. Neigh, say your pet peeves do not clone themselves!

  2. Dream Catcher and Me Dream Catcher and Me

    Good Read

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