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Poetry by David Schoen


From applesauce to applesauce
From diapers to catheters
From high chairs to wheel chairs
From skin wrinkled pink
to skin wrinkled pale.
From baby pans to bed pans
From peace before birth
to peace after death.


What wasted woe
For the unchallenged hero
Waiting for a chance to shine
That never comes.
The warrior without a war,
The unfortunate soldier
With no battlefield – forever,
The Olympian without an Olympics
(Shot down by terrorists or blackmailing politicians)
No race to run –
No bar to jump –
No arm to wrestle –
No laurel, no gold – nothing.
Neither dragons to slay
Nor damsels in distress,
For knights rusting away…

As the Great Round Table
Turns to sawdust,
Poor Don Quixote
Without a windmill to tilt,
Archetypal athletes
Wander this world
Search for a stadium
To prove their valor.
Ghosts from the past
The present
The future
From the four corners
Of the Earth,
Hundreds, thousands, millions –
Men and women –
With unfulfilled potential –
Frustrated by fate.
It is such sadness
To have no field of dreams,
No championship arena,
No opportunity
To fight for
Author, Wotan or the Allies,
To play with the Yankees,
The Celtics or the Packers.
I too grieve
The loss
Of wasted fate:
To take the field
In Tiger Stadium
On a magnificent
Saturday night!
So many carry
The heavy pain
Of untested metal,
The ache of
A caged lion’s heart,
The shame of
Secret woundless wounds.


Thoughts change
Words fail
Children leave
Friends die
Tits sag
Penises droop
Orgasms stop
Bodies rot
Flowers fade
In the end:
Only our kiss remains.

PATHOLOGIZING THE POET “If my demons were to leave, my angels might take flight” – Rilke

Interest – is the invasion of another’s space
Attraction – is sexism
Desire – is narcissistic demand
Intensity – is unresolved aggression
Passion – is out of control obsession
Romance – is ritualistic self deception
Creativity – is sublimated anal activity
Love – is dysfunctional co-dependency

We should, of course, legislate away: interest, attraction, desire, intensity,
passion, romance, creativity and love.

Go underground poets, go underground!
“For the times they are a changin’ ….”

Poetry By David Schoen

David Schoen is a Jungian Analyst, Clinical Social Worker in Covington LA. He has written poetry since childhood that has saved his life, many times. He has been part of the Northshore poetry readings since the beginning at Rubies Roadhouse and remained through many incarnations to it’s present structure as Poets Alive. He’s read his poetry for the 100,000 poets event several times. A big LSU football fan, he’s authored three books, and his poetry is published in various magazines and newspapers through the years.


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