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Poems by Sehloho Piet Rampai

Born in Ngwathe Edenville in the Province of Free State, Poet Sehloho Piet Rampai’s sampling of poems invokes hope for the future and memories of the past


Its true we’re worlds apart
But I can’t do without you
I promise to build
my world around you
and never to be apart

No matter the words
You hurl at me
I will walk you
Down the aisle
You will be my friend forever

For the journey
shall be together

No matter what
I will love you
sunshine nor rain
You will be mine forever to hold


Broken keys cobwebbed silence
A rose a symbol of history’s violence
No more crowds, just dirty halls
Scattered memories, clear to all

In times past, the music played
People danced and always stayed
Drinks plenty, piano in tune
Love, romance, for all to consume

New lines written, memories made
Our youth, freedom, no longer slaves
Only those present at that time
Remember well the final rhyme

The last stand, played on the grand piano
The final dance with a forgotten fellow
Rose discarded, music laid to rest
Memories now shadows, vague at best


Sehloho Piet Rampai born in Ngwathe Edenville in the Province of Free State.He was matriculated at Harmony High in Virginia and studied a law degree at NMMU.He writes poetry both in English and Sesotho and publishes online with poetrypotion.
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