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What Does Christmas Mean To You? Christmas Poem by Jackie Evans

Author, Mad Poets Society member, and advocate for the homeless, Jackie Evans explores the commercial and spiritual side of Christmas.

What Does Christmas Mean To You?

On the streets of downtown Auckland, Scurrying along gray pavements,
Eyes downcast upon the footpath,
Anxious faces, weary bodies,

Business men with poker faces,
Tired mother dragging toddlers,
Will her budget stretch this Christmas?
Will her Eddie spend his bonus?

At the pub again this season?
Why, one wonders, does Christ’s birthday
Once more bring concern and anguish?
At a time when joy should flourish?

Street reporter from The Herald,
Questions several random shoppers,
“Would you, sir, spare me a moment;
What does Christmas mean to you?”

Burly man- perhaps a bouncer?
“Certainly, here goes!” says he,
“Beer and turkey, all the trimmings,
That’s what Christmas means to me.”

Teenage girl with metal nose ring,
Smiles and winks and gives reply,
“Heaps of movies, prezzies, munchies,
Getting tanned beneath blue skies!”

Reporter spies a weary mother,
Toddlers clad in every hue,
“Tell me, Ma’am, in just a few words,
What does Christmas mean to you?”

Putting down her heavy parcels,
Settling her restless mob,
“Christmas is when we remember,
The birth of Jesus, son of God.”

Christmas Poetry



A long-time advocate for the homeless Jackie Evans has been elected community representative on the Lakes District Health Board, she spent six years on its disabilities committee

Jackie Evans joined the city’s Mad Poets Society six months after its 1994 formation.



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