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Narrative Poetry By Grant Guy

Narrative poetry is a form of poetry that tells a story, making the voices of a narrator and characters as well; the entire story is written in metered verse.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Walking along Ste. Catherine’s
In front of the church stood a young man
He was panhandling Annoying the passerbys
I don’t mind handing out coinage to panhandlers
I am always in hope of a story
I dig into my pants pocket and pulled out eight cents
It was all the change I had

I said to the panhandler
It’s all I got You can have it
He looked at the pennies in my hand
He said
You and your money can go to hell

I dropped the pennies through the collar of his T-shirt
The pennies fell to the ground at the bottom of his untucked T-shirt
I walked on
Before I came to the corner I turned back to look
The panhandler was on his hands and knees scooping up the pennies

His story was not even worth eight cents



Met Bertha, a French teacher in Havana
And her son Sammy
Her teaching days are behind her
She lives on a meagre pension
She was walking through Plaza San Francisco
She stopped and asked me
Are you Norwegian
I answered
She said
I thought so
Do you speak French
I answered
A little
It was then she told me she was a French teacher
She added
There is not much of a demand for French in Cuba
English is the preferred choice: the tourist industry

I met Osma, a certified engineer
Today he is a tour guide
There is a demand for tour guides
The tourist industry overall
Not much work for engineers or architects
They wait on tables or open doors at hotels

Bertha spoke about how hard life is for the average Cuban
Unless they have relatives in Cuba the Cuban struggles

Everyone is scrambling to earn extra money
The average wage in Cuban barely gets one through the month
They are in your face about money
The new norm
Except for the people who operate the government stores
There is no incentive

In government restaurants and hotels tips go to the government coffers
The employee may get a bonus at the end of the month
If they get bad tips they could be dismissed
High tips could get them into the private restaurants and hotels
There the tips are kept by the employee

The government needs to stay out of socialism


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