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I trace
lines and scars and wrinkles,
each with its own story,

wander through the troughs
beneath moist eyes
that search my own,

see the smiles and frowns
that hovered round
since the hour of my birth,

remember obstacles
she helped us overcome,
furrows that grew
from all the work that followed.

I recall
her coming home from teaching
to a dirty house,
a hungry spouse
and children eager
for her heedful ear and eye,

hours she spent with apron on,
stewing in the kitchen,
hungry for a verdict
on her meals.

When we learned to choose,
she helped us with our choices,
loved us through the grieving,
bragged about the growing.

It took a husband two sons
to shape that face,
chisel out her character
and then erase
thoughts of self
that lingered
in her eyes
and lips
and brow

Author Russell MacClaren is a Writer and Poet.
You can reach him at his Facebook page

Hand in Hand

Here in over 90 poems, Russell MacClaren takes us to faraway places, holds up a mirror for us to explore our hopes and yearnings. His language spills over with humor, passion and insight. He has mastered the art of exhuming thoughts and feelings each of us has tendered yet are often unaware of. He leads us on a quest to discover who we are and what we’re made of in hopes we may apply that knowledge to find our Soul Mate.


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  1. Henri André Fourroux III Henri André Fourroux III

    I know Russell and this a very different poem than what he shares in one of his poetry groups. “You’ve been holding out on us Russell, but now I’ve found where you print the other good stuff,” I say.

    Keep on expanding the list of themes in the poetry you write.

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