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Moore, Oklahoma 2013

A poem about a women who lost her best friend.

She was holding her cat when the twister hit her trailer
All she could remember was the roar
Though she recovered quickly, her back would always ail her
Her ribs would heal but be a little sore

One son flew in from Dallas, the other from Seattle
To rummage through the rubble of her home
She warmly greeted both, then told them to skedaddle
This was something she would have to do alone

She tore into the wreckage that had long been her existence
Eventually she found her fallen friend
His badly broken body and his breathing weak and distant
Told her he was way beyond the mend

She sat him on her lap on the remnants of her porch
And thought about how greatly he’d be missed
He had always been nearby as she went about her chores
Though she fought the urge, she reminisced

Grandpa fought the Kaiser, Daddy fought Budweiser
Neither left the battlefield alive
Both had been aloof, her spouse had been a miser
Her sons had felt resentful and deprived

As she cradled her companion and felt him slowly sinking
A smile soon replaced her mournful frown
She finally said out loud what for years she had been thinking
“You’re the only male who never let me down”

She laughed until she cried and her tears fell ‘til the morning
When the sun began its climb into the skies
She knew this was a gift but also was a warning
This would surely be their last sunrise

Recalling all the years they had welcomed dawn together
She realized she had been supremely blessed
No one had been as dear, none had loved her better
She stroked him as he took his parting breath


About Nick Sweet

I have been a freelance stage director for over 40 years, with most of my productions being in Oklahoma. I also have written a musical, Nanyehi, The Story of Nancy Ward, with singer/songwriter Becky Hobbs, which is being produced this year on May 4th & 5th at the Hard Rock Casino Theatre (The Joint) in Tulsa, Okla. In 2001 I directed the outdoor drama, Trail of Tears in Talequah, OK, written by my friend, Joe Sears, native Oklahoman and Tony nominated actor/writer for the Greater Tuna series. I have been writing poetry and short stories for most of the last 40 years as well. I teach a yearly specialty theatre/literature enrichment program for 4th graders in the Bartlesville School system called Spotlight.


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