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Medley of Love Poetry

Valentines poems by various Authors


by Judy Casey of New Zealand

If I should slumber then let me be.
Let me sleep I beg of thee.
Let me dream and dance with you –
Let me breathe the breath of you.
Together we shall laugh and sing,
See horizons beckoning.
You give me strength –
I give you mine.
Nurture and nurtured
In our embrace.
And when chill dawn
Creeps through the dark of night,
When all life wakes,
Then shall I stir
And smile,
And think of you.
And joy shall light my face.



-Susan Newton

When next we meet
there’ll be a flash.
The sky will ignite
and the stars will crash.

Mountains will move,
and oceans will surge.
With you at hand,
LOVE will emerge!

For this, you see,
Is our destiny!


What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?
by Jackie Evans of New Zealand (some pleasant humor in the mix)

Lament not, ye Leftovers, on Valentine’s Day,
Deserted, abandoned, widowed, or gay?
Just join us at mid-day (we’ve had a great hunch),
On Valentine’s Day, at the Leftovers’ Lunch!

Over sticky pork ribs, and other fine treats,
Who knows what interesting folk you might meet?
And after chorizo and fine mozzarella,
If you’re a gal you might meet a nice fella!

And if you’re a fella, you might meet a lass,
With the sweetest of smiles, and more ass than class!
But after two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc,
The ugliest duckling will look like a swan!

So lament not, ye Leftovers, on Valentine;s Day,
Deserted, abandoned, widowed, or gay?
Join us at mid-day (we’ve  had a great hunch)
On Valentines Dy, at the Leftover’s Lunch.



Going Crazy For You
Russell MacClaren

The woman makes me crazy—
yea, You, look in the mirror…
You make my mind so hazy,
yet how could it be clearer?

How could I dream without you?
Wherever would I go?
All I do is think about you,
and you are all I know.

If they put me in a padded cell
then I would be just fine …
If they put you in there as well,
the world would be mine!

Then I would have my mind with me,
and that could not be bad,
for we’d let all the world see
that we were both quite mad.


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