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Marjon Van Bruggen Poetry


Hold fast to all that was deep,
human and valuable.

Stand apart, watch sideways,
the lines of our script
have changed over night.

Even his chair seems more a prop
than reality.

Steely eyes watch while
sharp teeth bite, grind and devour.
A silent rage torments inside.

Postponing no longer and
almost choking I run,
bang the door,
heavy feet kick at stones.
Yell at crimson roses
the steel now flows.

Marjon van Bruggen
July 14, 2017


A ghost´s footstep,
the hammer blows
of sunlight falling on snow
deafening sounds of silence—

the winds
whisper a tale
of rough and spendthrift gales
that shook last colored leaves
from autumn trees to leave
winter bareness in
blue-hued beauty.

Long, cold nights
freeze each singing stream.
Far, glittering stars
transport dim lights to ghostly trees
dissolving into endless distance—
wide, vast, living stretches of sky.

I wander, woeful, in unreasoned sleep
caught in crushing coils of serpent misery.
He´s there,
with wild and meaningless sincerity.
I wish he wouldn´t shout—
Awake I waver still between belief and doubt.

The narrowness grows wide and deep.

Marjon van Bruggen
February 6, 2016


For a moment the ticking time stopped
of course, we lived, but yesterday
became tomorrow reflected in today.

The plaintive ooh…oooh dove cried for hours
a background, repetitive, reliable soft sound
nothing wrong with omitting a day.

Sweltering sun, shadows green and black
nothing special, just ooh…oooh. Oh that dove
crying for a mate, lost yesterday, not even there tomorrow.

I killed a mosquito; will he be missed?
Will another mosquito cry for him, ashamed wearing sunglasses?
Mosquito-tears, what do they look like?

His mother now, no more his wife. A fleeting kiss in public
not allowed. “Aw Mom no! What will they think?”
A sigh in the sun. It’s time to allow the clock to tick.

Marjon van Bruggen
July 2017


Marjon van BruggenMarjon van Bruggen is seventy-six years of age. She started writing poetry as a hobby, but since 2015 she submits work for publication, with remarkable success. Her protest poems were received very well by I Am Not A Silent Poet; up until today, 9 poems were published there. Work was published by The NY Literary Magazine (Anthology August 2016) and another poem was awarded by the same magazine where she ended as a finalist in their contest. This poem was published in the December ’16 anthology. Three more poems are accepted by the Pride in Poetry contest (placed 5th and 6th) and are published in SOMETIMES ANYWAY, Pride in Poetry Volume II. Nature Writing Magazine and Better than Starbucks Poetry Journal also published work from her hand.

Marjon studied in Amsterdam University Andragologia (this is not a faculty anymore) and followed writer´s and poetry courses online with the IOWA State University, Greek and Roman Mythology with the Pennsylvanian University. At the moment also Advanced Editing Classes with Michael Collins (NY State University).


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