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Maria A. Arana Poetry

Poems by Maria A. Arana

Three Days

it took a mountain
to bring us together
but in three days

erosion broke away the pieces
which made our home graveled pebbles
assortments of time

brandished on our skin
now sit upon dirt and loose grass
three days is all it took

for the sun to shy away
leave darkness caressing our cheeks
petrifying the tears

which took years to produce


Grandma’s hands are smooth
like a baby’s
except the scars and wrinkles
from years working in the mud
creating had left oddly shaped fingers

I look at my hands
and notice the first signs of age and use
there’s nothing that could cure it
but then I can’t complain
when your eyes fade like the storm

Important Words

we sit in front of the tv
half listening
half thinking
of all the other times
we shared a space
but never filled it
with anything but

not even our fingers touch
the tips
from each other’s longing

we stare half-awake at the tv
not realizing that our lives
are empty
because the cup sits empty
on the kitchen counter

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Maria A. Arana is a teacher, writer, and poet from the Los Angeles area. Her work has been published in Spectrum, Rosette Maleficarum, the Altadena Poetry Review, vox poetica, and others. You can find her at her blog and on twitter

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