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Linda Imbler Poetry

Linda Imbler is the author of the published poetry collections “Big Questions, Little Sleep,” “Lost and Found,” and “The Sea’s Secret Song.”

The Lilies of Gethsemane

And there they were on Easter morn
at the peep of day.
Their petals unfolding,
as they had days before,
when they stood as a herald
from inside the sacred garden
where the final warnings were prelected.

Ivory costumed messengers of hope,
once again on the ground of the garden,
like they had also appeared
when they sprang up
below the teacher’s crow’s nest.

Ambassadors of hope,
grown to remember
that much will bloom
in the springtime of our lives,
to bring renewal to all things,
including those things
we thought forever lost.


Being With the Within

Never be nor create
one who is without the within.

Do as our fathers taught
and feed the wolf within who will
bring the most happiness and peace to the world.

Allow kindness to soak into your soul
like butter melting into bread
and allow goodwill to dwell within.

Permit rivers of truth to flow from the within
over all mountains of lies which exist outside you
and erode those falsehoods and fictions
so that you may hear distinctly.

Grant the light of your soul within
to outshine moonbeams, sunshine, and starlight
which lie externally
so that you may see clearly.

Let even your smallest acts of quiet tenderness
Birthed from inside you
produce effects as monumental
as the most spectacularly public displays
so that others may feel cared for.

Accept the within of others
with subtle grace
and the sort of gratitude
that will allow the world
which lies beyond us all
to continue spinning the whole,
honorably and in the right direction.


Summer Vacation Memories ‘66

Bicycle card spokes fluttering with ticking thumps,
sunny afternoons under sheets as tents,
the click of go-go boots dancing on pavement

the sound of pop music adding depth and cheer
bleeping from transistor radios

the lilting ice cream truck,
the snap of freshly laundered damp sheets on clotheslines
in the summer breeze

the rumbly engine of the bookmobile
saving us from ennui,
telling tales in books we read,
transporting us to new world
when we get bored
with the same old street

the doppler of cars passing by
as we whiz around on roller skates

porch lights now shining,
telling us the day is done
and the tired trudge home must begin.


Buried Treasure

Donating those precious gems
and capturing bodily mementos,
otherwise brought to an end,
will be treasure I will gladly share.

Why should my heart be still?
Why should my eyes no longer see?

Much of me will be absent,
while sad murmuring music
is played in requiem,
for what is considered the due solemnity
of the occasion.

Meanwhile, someone will be able to continue
much of my physical history
and the wonder of my design will not be wasted.

So, do not bury me with such great riches.
Just as ancestors bequeath that of most value,
so will I pass on my fortunes
and know I have improved another’s life.


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Linda Imbler’s new e-book “Pairings” is due out soon. She is a Kansas-based Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Nominee. Her work has been published
in numerous national and international journals.

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