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Karen Ankers Poetry

Karen Ankers has had her verse published in various magazines and anthologies. Her first novel, The Crossing Place, was published in January 2018.


looking back
the signs were there
all around us
we did not understand that when
the seasons forgot to change
people would forget to love

exhausted by climbing money fed dreams
we could not hear
the last short breaths of small things
and although we knew the song of bees
grew quieter with every year
we had no time to listen
to dark voiced tear laced empty tales

I remember green

hedgerows alive with rustling creatures

and blue
the sky was blue
and sapphire sleeping salt filled oceans
carried wave borne whale voiced potent song

I remember blue
I remember
your children will never see

all grey now
all shadow
all quiet
we sleep for there is nothing else to do
but endure the grating smoke filled air

lungs burned with breathing cannot sing
and anyway
there is no sky to sing of

Karen Ankers




Karen Ankers lives in Anglesey, North Wales, where she teaches Creative Writing classes and is a regular performer at spoken word events. She started her writing career as a poet and has had poems published in various magazines and anthologies. Her first poetry collection, One Word At A Time, described by poet/performer Laura Taylor as “a collection that shines with honesty and integrity”, was published last year. She also writes one-act plays, in which she tries to give a voice to those usually ignored and unheard. These plays are published by Lazy Bee Scripts and have been performed in the UK, America, Australia and Malaysia. Her first novel, The Crossing Place, was published in January 2018 by Stepping Stones Publishing, and is receiving excellent reviews on Amazon, being described as “gripping”, “compelling”, “captivating” and “brilliant”.

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