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We at Beneath the Rainbow, a free weekly service and conveyor of words both novel and classic, invite you the general public, to join our growing enterprise, by reading and contributing your words and ideas to a growing advocate for literature and sound and the arts.

We regularly publish short stories, sagas, essays, poetry (now requesting haiku), humor, and will soon expand our presentation to graphics and the spoken word. We welcome you to submit your manuscripts and now offer quarterly promotions, prizes (with a chance to win $100 for first place, $50 for second and $25 for third). Stories must be your original work but may have been previously published if credit is given to the one who holds first North American serial rights. We offer exciting competitions and the opportunity to escape the mundane and immerse yourself in a world of thought and fun and fantasy.

Join with us in our celebration of life and love and dreams.

Please email your work to steven@beneaththerainbow.com

Q1 November 2017 – January 2018. Winner to be announced beginning February 2018.

Q2 February 2018 – April 2018. Winner to be announced beginning May 2018.

Q3 May 2018 – July 2018. Winner to be announced beginning August 2018.

Q4 August 2018 -October 2018. Winner to be announced beginning November 2018.

Prizes to be paid via Paypal or Author can elect to receive an amazon gift card

Please email your work to steven@beneaththerainbow.com


1. We place links to your social media accounts and your published book(s) after your short story with a link to your Amazon page.

Example: http://beneaththerainbow.com/ken-allan-dronsfield-poetry/

Scroll down below the story to see the Authors published books and Bio. If the Author has no published books then readers will see an Amazon book store ad in that spot.

2. In the near future we will be podcasting some of the stories along with a brief Author interview.

3. We feature your work in our weekly newsletter when it is published.

4. You retain all rights to your work.

5. Story and Poem of the month get a 1 week Facebook campaign for additional exposure.

We also encourage you to put a link to your author home page, and social media links at the end of your story ( 3 Max). Linking back to Beneath the Rainbow is encouraged (and appreciated) if we publish your story, but not mandatory.

Essays/stories should be between 1000 and 6000 words long (Longer stories can be run as a series with part 1 posted this week part 2 the next etc.) and should have a literary quality as well as being engaging. Poetry has no word count restrictions.

We accept submissions from anywhere in the world, but stories must be in English.

Novel excerpts are OK but only if it stands alone as its own story.

This site is updated weekly Sunday night or Monday morning depending on your time zone so it may take a few weeks before you see your story.

Please email your work to steven@beneaththerainbow.com

* Please make sure you include your social links and book link on Amazon if you are a published Author

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