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Thank you for stopping by. We accept short stories about real life events ( Fiction or non-fiction) year-round and from anywhere in the world. We have a small staff of two dedicated indie authors that can be reached at the email below.

While we regret that we cannot pay for your story’s we do offer you the ability to get your name out to the public and allow and encourage you to put a link to your author home page, author profile, Twitter, Facebook etc at the end of your story. Linking back to Beneath the Rainbow is encouraged if we publish your story.

If you have a cover that you would like to use attach below or we will put a generic cover on your story using royalty free images. Here is an example:

By submitting work to Beneath The Rainbow you’re agreeing to have your work considered for future anthologies; if your work is chosen for an anthology, you will be contacted and compensated.

Essays/stories should be between 300 and 4,000 words long and should have a literary quality as well as being engaging

We accept submissions from anywhere in the world, but stories must be in English.

Novel excerpts are OK but only if it stands alone as its own story.

This site is updated weekly ( Friday night or Saturday morning depending on your time zone) so it may take a few days before you see your story.

We had some problems with the form.  Feel free to just email your short story to