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Christmas Poetry by Denise Buschmann

Selections of Christmas Poetry by Denise Buschmann utilizing different elements of style with descriptive and vivid language.

“Come With Me. Let’s Get a Tree,” Said She. “No,” Said He.

his priority
to find a
Christmas tree
with pre-strung
lights this year. So,
it was time for me to
brave the mall mob.
Instinctively, I knew
which store, walked the
entire length of the first floor
and back again to find “the” tree,
knew how to sweetly ask for it from
the retiree-employee, who determined
only the floor model was left (Yes! No
assembly!). He disconnected the cords and
carried it to the cash register, ringing it up twice
because I couldn’t find my Sears credit card..
The second time—two dollars more. With a line
behind me (!) I let it be all right. I was almost run over,
not by reindeer, but by two impatient drivers while navigating
the “Merchandise Pick-up Lane.” Cheerful employees supplied a
felicitous laugh loading the box. The tree sits in our credenza window.
When I flip a control, the lights switch from green, red, blue, purple
and orange to blinking all-gold. I enjoy the sparkling lights both
outside from my car and inside from my La-Z-Boy. The
perfect gold and silver tree-topper star, I found
at Pier One’s day-after sale
at 7 a.m. on the 26th.
The tree is beautiful.
Tonight I enjoy
my lights
in the dark
think my
most of
and let it
be all right.

© 2018 D.C. Buschmann Poem 2 of 3:

To the Daughter I Never Had: You Don’t Need a Husband for the Holidays!

We know
what lifetime
are supposed
to look like,
so we go down
our checklist:

☑ education
☑ income range
= eligibility

if it doesn’t click,
don’t force it.
No amount
of stretching,
and overlooking
will make
him right for you.

The Universe
has its own way
of bringing people
and at the right time.

the variables
won’t change that.

© 2018 D.C. Buschmann Poem 3 of 3:

Spread Christmas Cheer

God has given us ample opportunity
to say nothing
and be thought
nothing worse.

On the other hand, go ahead,
be yourself!
Give your nieces
and nephews ample opportunities
to snicker

on their way home, “Did you hear
what crazy Aunt or Uncle said?”—
their “family version” of The Daily Mail—

just like you did
years ago when you left
your grandparents’ house
—the best part of Christmas Day.

© 2018 D.C. Buschmann

Christmas Poetry


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  1. Denise Denise

    Steven Burton,
    Many thanks for publishing my poems!
    Happy holidays!

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