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Christmas and Creation Poems by Russell MacClaren

Spirituality, Christmas, and Creation take form in this collection of Christmas verse by Author and Poet Russell MacClaren.

Miracle in Bethlehem

God stirred the spark till it grew warm,
And stoked a fire behind still eyes,
Then breathed into a human form
The breath that fills the starry skies.

So from an ancient realm His soul
Was forged into a mortal shell,
And thus began His promised role,
Upon this earth to dream and dwell.

A mother, fresh as virgin snow,
Was chosen for the humble birth,
To ease His passage here below
And help Him right the wrongs of earth.

The heralds of this happening,
The Lord’s sweet music did prolong.
On shepherd feet and angel wing,
They lent their voices to the song:

“Emmanuel, the Lord of Light,
A wanderer in this dark land,
Has come to give the blind their sight
And help deaf ears to understand.

“His Kingdom is not of this Earth
but lives within the heart of man.
He bowed to show each soul its worth
and bring to pass the God’s holy plan.


The Master Potter’s Christmas

Tonight the world is new again.
His star, a Father’s gift,
hangs from vaulted ceiling,
shining on a manger scene.

Porcelain kings
lead the world
to a cradle
in the straw.

Stone angels
proclaim the miracle
from atop a radio
and from perches
on the shelves of books…

Ceramic shepherds
by the lighted tree
bow in wonder
at the glory
and the innocence.

Fragile sheep attend.
Doves coo from the eaves.
The farm house fills
with lowing of distant cattle.

From the tiny stall
a child’s glow
surrounds the world,
and hearts are light once more.

The Time Between God

A mote–a tiny speck of universe,
independent, yet a part,
I appealed to God—
to make me more
than just myself,
to give me unity,
to fill me with belonging . . . .

In His mercy,
He explained
how all are one—
How He gave His perfect son
so we could learn
that we are part
of His I AM—
the life that grows within.

He gave us time away
to change and grow, to learn
and then return unto the One.

No longer with The Maker
who breathed the Holy Wind
into my clay,
I hunger for the Breath
that warmed and formed me,
made me part
of The Completeness.

I have learned:
All parts must accept
to be accepted,
must Love to be conjoined.

We add our pieces to the Puzzle.
. . . so being separate,
we’re At-One—
to hear the whispers,
see ourselves in others,
await the deeper Breath
and be with God—again.


New stars spiral from
the nebula
in helical formations,
combining, intertwining….

The Verse of All Creation,
echoes through our universe,
following instruction
from the DNA of God.

God-in many voices

In a Universe of Song,
I feel His wonder.
Stars burn their light and fire
through the depth of night.

Life-giving suns illumine
worlds of delight.
When day breaks,
Meadowlark chants for joy.

Spiders weave starry webs
to catch the Sun.
A muted moon looks down,
as shadows stretch across the plain—
reaching for silent places.

Sprouts break pungent soil,
in quest of sky.
Buds open to flower,
caress bottoms of bees
that spread their pollen.

Eagles soar to glimpse
heaven-held horizons,
and I close my eyes
amidst the wonder.

Brooks and streams
rush to river, tripping over pebbles.
Fry cloak their silver sides…
Black eyes peering from beneath hibiscus.

Turtles perch on sun-soaked logs,
bask in rays from heaven.
Frog croaks thanks for tears
that fill the Earth.
Beaver builds her dam
to hold the flood.

Christmas verse








Author Russell MacClaren is a Writer and Poet.
You can reach him at his Faceb

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  1. cgramlich cgramlich

    Enjoyed these. Particularly liked the “universal” aspects of “Word”

  2. Maggie Sorrels Maggie Sorrels

    Excellent reads. Thank you, Ray, for sharing these incredible poets’ works.

  3. Keith Carlson Keith Carlson

    I enjoyed these poems, Mr. MacClaren. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tina Hartigan Tina Hartigan

    Beautiful spinning of luxury words. Rich with meaning. Thank you.
    On a side note, I am receiving an unpublished manuscript of a prolific philosopher and it is the proof that God exists. His name is Richard Kroner.

  5. Tina Hartigan Tina Hartigan

    Beautiful prose. The richness of words that were used tugged at my soul. These came at the time that I have received an unpublished manuscript from a philosopher who had written extensively on the existence of God.
    Thank you for sharing this greatness.

  6. Russell MacClaren Russell MacClaren

    Tina, Keith, Maggie, Charles, thank you for your kind comments. It’s always good to hear that we’ve touched others with our words. That’s half of what writing is about.

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